Curiosity Calls (2015): 
Ava Young is a journalist, who is convinced that her friend, Jacob Lewis is innocent of murdering his girlfriend. That theory brings Ava, as well as a reporter, and a rookie detective on a journey to finding out the truth.
Graycon (2017): 
A scientist starts work on a time device after the loss of his daughter.


Dear Josephine (2019): 
A visual poem looking back on the life of 20th century icon Josephine Baker, from humble beginnings to stardom.
Cleo's Choice (2016): 
A theatre director enlists the help of a former friend, turned famous actress,
to mentor a young actress with trust issues.

The Law of Noir (2018): 
A law intern takes on his first case, defending a client accused of human trafficking.
Angel City (2019): 
The loyalty of sisters is tested, when one is accused of attempted murder,
which causes past truths to come to light.
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